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6 Reasons Why Refinancing Makes Sense

Refinancing can be an effective solution to reduce monthly cash flow, save on interest costs or provide funds for larger purchases.

There are a number of reasons why refinancing makes sense:

1. If debt consolidation would payout high interest credit cards, loans, or line of credit and improves your cash flow and saves in interest costs.
2. You are concerned mortgage rates will increase.
3. Mortgage rates are lower than when you originally got your mortgage.
4. You are looking to do repairs, home upgrades or renovations.
5. You would like to access equity to finance investments (RRSP’s), large purchases or child’s education.
6. You have a home equity line of credit with interest only payments and would like to restructure so that you are paying down principle and gaining equity in your home.

With rates still at record lows, now could be the perfect time to refinance your mortgage.

If you would like some advice on your best options, call me @ 204.371.9284 or email for a free, no obligation consultation.

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