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8 Most Overused Home Decorating Trends - Do You Agree?

1. The modern farmhouse: It’s time for all those farmhouse fans to branch out and try a new aesthetic.

2. Plants, plants everywhere: If your living room resembles a tropical jungle or your windowsill is so covered in succulents you can’t see it anymore, it might be time to scale back.

3. Word art: sometimes you can say more with a photo than you can with words. A lot of word art is trite, which is why so many people are moving away from this overplayed decorating trend.

4. Gray walls: There are more than fifty shades of gray and every single one was used in home decor in 2018. Gray walls became synonymous with style and everyone eagerly jumped on the bandwagon. The only problem? Gray walls quickly became overplayed. Neutral colors will always have a place in your home, but gray is on the decline for 2019.

5. Subway tile backsplashes: Subway tile is one of those design elements that will always be popular because it’s cheap and easy to incorporate just about anywhere. But it also makes your home look like everyone else’s. In 2019, home trend experts predict that more colorful, unique backsplashes will take the place of plain subway tile.

6. Extreme minimalism: Getting rid of clutter is always advisable. But paring the room down too much makes your home appear sterile and uninviting. Colorful accessories, layered looks, and comfortable spaces are trending for 2019. It’s a lot more realistic and livable than the extreme minimalist looks of last year.

7. Accent walls: Whether it’s wallpaper, a bright paint color, or a photo gallery, creating an intentional accent wall is going out of style in 2019. Instead, home decorators are predicting that all the walls will match and focal points will come from decorative accessories instead.

8. White countertops: in 2018, the solution to every design problem seemed to be the same: Make it white! Countertops were no exception. No matter what the material, everyone insisted on choosing lighter-hued counters in kitchens and bathrooms. But that might change now. Design analysts predict that dark countertops will come back in style for 2019.

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